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From the very beginning, the essential part of this mission was to bring science closer to non-scientific audience and to provoke interest in scientific work, and furthermore in understanding its impacts in everyday life.

The first edition of the Festival took place at one single location, which was sufficient for our enthusiasm for popularization of science to cause a sensation among a variety of target groups. The Festival recorded 8000 visitors in just two days. Year after year, the Festival has changed in terms of the programs, followed by the raise of the number of venues, demonstrators, lecturers, program segmentation for all ages and science disciplines, as well as, in its ultimate reach - the introduction of scientific discourse in everyday life and provoking general public interest in scientific activities.

Today, nine years since its launch, Serbian Science Festival is far beyond its humble beginnings: at this moment, it is one of the top science festivals in SE Europe, while at local level SSF represents the most popular and most important annual scientific event. Last year's Science Festival recorded 32,000 visitors in four days and it hosted 58 scientific and educational institutions with over 550 scientific demonstrators.

Since 2007 our Festival is a member of European Science Events Association (EUSEA) and in 2015, the EUSEA Annual Conference took place in Belgrade, Serbia, hosted by the Serbia Science Festival.

From the beginning, we are guided by the idea to popularize science in order to reach broadest audience, and to provide our own contribution to the promotion of science and technology pointing to their crucial importance in a modern society. Countless scientific exhibitions, lectures, interactive presentations, well-known contributing lecturers, enthusiastic audience and more than 120,000 visitors from 2007 to the present, are the best proofs that we have succeeded whereas ever growing interest in our programs confirm that we are successfully pursuing this worthy endeavour.

The first Science Festival was held in modest conditions, but even at that early stage it had a clearly defined goal: to show that science isn’t something strange and vague, but an immensely interesting research field of everything that surrounds us. We’ve made kids familiar with the greatest scientific minds bringing them closer to those just seemingly incomprehensible scientific phenomena, so very soon they started visiting us in increasing numbers. We have reached the point where each and every year motivating scientific speakers fill the halls and stands, provoking thundering scientific applauses.

Introducing scientific stages, experimenting not only with science but also with scientists and the ways in which science could be brought closer to the audience, we've opened the door of the most prominent city institutions and spaces proving that science can be found outside the laboratories, in places such as city parks, restaurants, squares and streets.

The Science Festival initiator, founder and organizer, is NGO “Museum Night” that was founded in Belgrade, in 2004. At the same time, we are founders of Museum Night, the biggest cultural event in Serbia that recorded 11 successful annual editions.

Besides recording eight sucsesful anual Science Festivals, since 2011 we have been organizing the EU project named "Researchers' Night". We have also participated in numerous FP7 and Horizon 2020 projects.

Via program section named Experteenagers, we have proven that teenagers can be real scientific ambassadors where we connect peers with diverse interests who spread the excitement and enthusiasm that science involves.

In 2009, we have organized the first exhibition in Serbia that merges science and art. In May 2012 we organized Science Picnic and on that occasion we arranged real science feast by performing open – air scientific experiments.

In cooperation with Museum of Science and Technology we designed the nucleus of the first Serbian Science Centre and helped production of 25 scientific exhibits.

Modeled after our event and in cooperation with us, more than 20 smaller science festivals were produced throughout Serbia.

Through the programs we have organized over the years, the visitors had the opportunity to witness the most current achievements and to keep in touch with the most advanced instruments, machinery and tools that demonstrate scientific phenomena in a popular way. In front of the enthusiastic Serbian audience, the experts from more than 30 influential international institutions and organizations demonstrated their knowledge, such as: National museum of Natural Sciences Madrid, City of Science and Arts Valencia, Thailand Science Society, National museum of Science and Technology Stockholm, Science Made Simple, University of Lugano, Science et Cite foundation, Cognitive Science Department Paris, Paris Montagne, Forensic Futures Education Group USA, Perugia Science Festival, Lund University Sweden, AHHAA centre Tallin, Atelier des Jours à Venir, Les Atomes Croshus and many others.

The importance and potential of this event has been recognized by the most prominent scientific institutions and universities that are on the list of our partners for years, and also every December science becomes one of the major media attractions. More than 50 electronic and print media covered the previous Festival, the complete program has been published in all of the most popular media, and the Festival has received its routine chronicles at the public broadcaster Radio Television of Serbia (RTS). 

The long-term vision of Science Festival is to establish the position of science in everyday life in Serbia by the means of continuous presentation of scientific programs in a receptive manner and via the most relevant scientific ambassadors of our time. Welcome to the Serbian Science Festival!